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Footie5 is a free to play game from You can win a share of £25,000 in cash or a monthly leaderboard prize.

Players have to pick 5 correct scores from the list of matches available. The promotion is open to new and existing customers of and is usually offered weekly. You must be aged 18 or over and a resident of the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands to play this promotion. Click here to sign up to and play Footie5 or read below for more information and some handy hints for success.

How to play & the size of the Footie5 Prize

  • Simple entry: pick 5 correct scores from your selected matches to win cash prizes.
  • If you accurately predict all 5 correct scores, from your selected matches, then you will win a share of £25,000. The prize will be divided equally amongst multiple winners.
  • Key players not playing? Then why not swap your prediction before the competition deadline?
  • A unique feature of Footie5 is that players can swap their fixtures before kick-off. Why not pick the team you support in your weekly predictions?
  • All new and existing customers are eligible to play. Check out our ‘Important Things You Should Know’ section below for exclusions and a link to the full terms of the competition.
  • There is also a monthly Leader board prize of £250 for the highest points scorer. Points are allocated as shown below:

How you score points


Accurately predicting a score draw


Accurately predicting a correct score 


Accurately predicting the match result


Each Game participation


  • The maximum Footie5 Leader board points you can earn is 6 points per match.
  • The monthly Footie5 Leader board prize is a share of £250. The prize will be divided equally amongst multiple winners.

When is Footie5?

New rounds are usually made available after the closure of the previous round and are played at weekends. Occasionally, may choose to run rounds midweek.

ThePools New Account Offer

£20 in Free Bets

Who can play Footie5

  • You MUST be aged 18 or over to play this game in line with UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) requirements. 

  • You must be based in the UK, Isle of Man to participate. 

  • New and existing customers of can enter the game.

  • To join please click here.

  • There is a maximum of 1 entry allowed per eligible player.

Important things you should know

  • You must be aged 18 or over and resident in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands to play this game.
  • Registration and verification is required to play this game. You can register here
  • Verification includes proof of age and identity. Without it, you can’t claim a prize.
  • You must register a Footie5 account in your own name. If the account is not in your own name, then you will be subject to disqualification from participation in Footie5.
  • Multiple accounts or entries aren’t allowed.
  • Sometimes will offer additional prizes. Opting into Footie5 marketing communications, is the best way to know about these.
  • Once you have entered the promotion, you have agreed to the Footie5 Full Terms & Conditions. We would strongly advise checking them out, prior to entry.

Play Footie5

Footie5 is a free to play game from You can win a share of £25,000 in cash or a monthly leaderboard prize.

Handy hints for Footie5 success

  • Footie5 is a game that requires the player to accurately predict the score of 5 Football matches in a Game Round.
  • Points are awarded for picking a correct match result, a correct score and even just for playing. These points contribute to the monthly Leader board prize of (a share of) £250.


  • You watch the teams and you have your own ideas, pick your own scores and click ‘submit’ to enter Footie5.


  • A unique feature of Footie5 is that you can pick your own matches.
  • So pick teams that are familiar to you:
    • Teams you support
    • Teams that you watch on TV a lot 
    • Teams where you know the difference between a strong and a weak team e.g. Man City without Haaland are not as strong as Man City with Haaland
  • Once you know something about the teams, you are in a better place to judge their performance:
    • Whether they’re likely to win, lose or draw
    • How many goals they could score with that team



  • There are betting markets that show betting prices for correct score and matches. The shorter the odds, the more likely they are (statistically) to happen.
  • Use sites such as to show you which options are favoured for each match.


  • For some players, this method can be a lot of fun. There’s nothing better than winning a prize based on your own hard work and opinion!

official site of the EPL with team stats

results & stats pack for each match covered

results and stats with worldwide coverage

stats for the serious player, with live scores and results


  • If you win, must be able to contact you using either the email or telephone details submit

How you get paid, if you win

  • Winners will be notified via the email address or telephone number registered to their account.
  • All winners must be verified to the satisfaction of The Football Pools limited (they run the Successful verification includes age, identity and address. See Footie5 Full Terms & Conditions to understand more.
  • All winners must allow up to 30 days for payment and/or delivery of prizes.
  • If you win a free bet then remember that:

If you win a free bet, be sure to use it within the expiry date. Free bets are available for a limited only, and they must before the expiry date.


If you place a bet using your free bet and win the bet, the net winnings from the free bet will be credited to the eligible player’s account. The value of the free bet is not included in any winnings.


Free bets can’t be exchanged for cash.

Our Rating

Free To Play

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Cash and consolation prizes

Simple Rules

Pick your own matches

ThePools New Account Offer

£20 in Free Bets

Just before you go..

When making your Footie5 picks, remember to read the terms and conditions carefully on the site. It’s worth revisiting our “Important things you should know” section, BEFORE submitting your entry.