Livescore Bet Squads

LiveScore Bet Squads

Livescore Bet Squads is a daily free to play game from Virginbet. You can win up to £50 cash for each goal that your player scores.

Players have to login each weekday to their Livescore Bet account after the stated time. Log in to view the SQUADS page, where you’ll get the chance to reveal up to 5 players. Your five players will earn you cash for each goal scored in the listed games. Reveal each player at the stated time throughout the round to complete your squad line-up. Once you squad has been finalised (Friday, usually), the prize wheel will spin and reveal the cash prize per goal scored. If you forget to reveal a player, it won’t affect the rest of your squad. Should you miss your final player, then your reward will be shown in the SQUADS section at the start of your first match in the round.

How to play & size of the prize

Simple entry: Entry is the simplest of any free to play game out there. Login to the SQUADS section of the Livescore Bet website each day of the week, click “reveal” and a squad member for that round is revealed.


Prizes per goal scored are assigned by the prize wheel. These are assigned after the last squad member is revealed (usually Friday)


Remember if the number of goals scored by your squad of SQUADS players is multiplied by the prize revealed by the prize wheel e.g. if you revealed Erling Haaland, and he scored a 2 goals, you would receive double the prize wheel revealed value for Haaland.


There is a chance that a multiplier will be applied to the prize (Goal Cash bonus).


The goal cash bonus is withdrawable cash.

When is Livescore Bet Squads

Livescore Bet SQUADS is played during weekend English Premier League rounds. Your squad is assembled by logging in and navigating to the SQUADS section of the site between Monday to Friday. The prize for each goal scored is assigned on Friday or can be found once the round starts.

Live Score Bet New Account Offer

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Who can play Livescore Bet Squads

  • You MUST be aged 18 or over to play this game in line with UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) requirements. 
  • You must also be a resident of, and located in, Great Britain to play. 
  • You have to be a new or existing customer of Livescore Bet
  • A member of Livescore Bet, who has accepted the terms and conditions of website use.
  • Not be subject to a restriction on your account under section 11.6 of the Livescore Bet terms and conditions, or eligibility to receive the bonus offered as part of this promotion
  • Eligibility to enter is displayed by navigating to the SQUADS section of the website and hitting the “Start Playing” button.

The Prize Pot

  • Prizes are awarded by the prize wheel. The maximum prize is £50 per goal scored.
  • If your squad of players do not score a goal, then no cash prize is awarded. There aren’t any rollovers. So you have to try again next week by selecting a new squad
  • If any of the selected matches are abandoned (void), then NO prizes will be awarded for that player and no substitute will be offered..

How do you get paid if you win

  • Cash prizes are expected to be credited to an eligible players’ account within 3 hours of the end of the match. Be patient here. You will be paid if you have conformed to the terms and conditions of website use and the game.

  • Cash prizes are withdrawable. There is no obligation on the player to use the goal cash bonus to place bets.

Play LiveScore Bet SQUADS

Livescore Bet Squads is a daily free to play game from Virginbet. You can win up to £50 cash for each goal that your player scores.

Important things that you show know

  • Entries must be submitted online
  • At the start of each round, a pool of footballers is selected that are believed to be playing in the next round of fixtures. When players do not play, for whatever reason, this should be viewed as part of the game. No substitute players are allocated.
  • Five players are allocated during a round, so check back to reveal your next squad member at the stated time. Players previously revealed remain active.
  • Players are assigned at random and include defenders, midfielders and attackers. Some squads will be stronger than others.

  • You can reveal up to 5 players, one per day, in the 5 days preceding the day or group of days which football games involving your players take place (this constitutes a round). Some new customers, will be able to reveal all their players on the same day, immediately after registering with LiveScore Bet.
  • Occasionally you could be awarded 2 players in one day but you will only ever be awarded a maximum of 5 players in a round.
  • Own goals and goals that are subsequently disallowed, do not count.
  • If a goal is scored by a player in your squad, in 90 minutes or extra time during the match, then an amount of withdrawable cash will be credited to your account.

  • There are eligibility rules for new and existing customers. Check them out in our ‘Important things you should know’ otherwise reduced by LiveScore bet under section 7a of the BONUS RULES section. Follow the “LiveScore bet SQUADS information” link below, to find out more about this and what happens if you are restricted part way through round play.

  • Not be subject to any responsible gambling restrictions on your account, including, but not limited to outstanding requests for KYC documentation.
  • There are important rules about self-excluded accounts, duplicate accounts, and syndicated accounts. Please make yourself familiar with these by following the “LiveScore bet SQAUDS information” link below.
  • It’s very important to read the terms and conditions so that you make sure that you are an eligible player. We would recommend following the link below to read these terms. This includes “other important terms” so that you are an eligible player for LiveScore  bet SQUADS.
  • For full terms and conditions click this link: LiveScore Bet SQUADS Information

Live Score Bet New Account Offer

£20 in Free Bets

Handy hints for SQUADS success


Read the terms and conditions

We provide a comprehensive summary of the key terms. It’s always important to know the full terms of the promotion, so do follow the LiveScore Bet SQUADS information link above.

Comply with KYC requests

KYC requests are a part of life for UKGC regulated gambling businesses. LiveScore Bet is one of these, which is good news. Requests are made for your own protection, so that you can gamble responsibly and not spend money that you can’t afford to spend.

Read any emails sent

Even if you are opted out of marketing emails, you still may receive the occasional communication for compliance reasons only. If your account is subject to restrictions, they will often be communicated via email or other means.


If you an existing customer, you must login at the stated time to reveal your player. If you miss a day (usually) you’ll miss a player. This may not apply to new customers.



If you are considering registering for an account with LiveScore bet, do so between Monday to Thursday. Most rounds are held during the weekend, so this should max out your chance to enter the game.



Most customers who place bets have accounts with different operators. If you like a weekend Football bet consider placing those with LiveScore bet. LiveScore bet provide a wide range of betting opportunities on Football and have an app too for you mobile users out there.


LiveScore Bet SQUADS is a promotional game. There are no prize guarantees. The game has been developed to enhance an eligible players’ enjoyment of the site.

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