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Star Sports Score Predictor is a free to play game from Star Sports. You can win a £250 free bet weekly, if you top the weekly scores

Players have to pick correct scores in each match played during weekly EPL rounds. The player with the best weekly score wins a £250 free bet. The promotion is open to new and existing customers of and is usually offered weekly. You must be aged 18 or over and a resident of the UK to play this promotion. Click join here to sign up to Star Sports and play Score Predictor or read below for more information and some handy hints for success.

Score Predictor Key Features

  • 💷£250 Weekly Prize
  • ⚽Football Predictor
  • 📅Weekly
  • 🙋🏻New and Existing Customers
  • ✅Top Rated Bookmaker

What can I win playing Score Predictor?

  • The weekly Star Sports Score Predictor jackpot prize is a £250 free bet.
  • There is a tiebreaker to determine the weekly prize winner. More details below.
  • If you beat talkSPORT’s Alex Crook’s weekly Score Predictor total, then you will win a £5 free bet.

How do I play Score Predictor?

  • Score Predictor is free to play for new & existing customers (exclusions apply).

  • Entry forms are available online at competition entry form.

  • The entry form requires you to enter you betting account number. You need a Star Sports betting account to enter. Click join here to play.

  • Pick 10 correct scores from the weekly EPL fixtures here

  • Points are scored for each correct match result and match score prediction.

Double points are awarded for your nominated best match.


How you score points


Accurately predicting a correct score


Accurately predicting the match result


Double points for your ‘best match’


  • The player that scores the most weekly points is the winner. If 2 or more players score the same weekly total, then tiebreakers apply, in this order:
  1. The player that predicts the match with the fastest goal
  2. Random prize draw


Who can play score predictor?

  • You MUST be aged 18 or over to play this game in line with UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) requirements. 

  • You must be based in the UK. 

  • New and existing customers of Star Sports can enter the game.

  • To join Star Sports please click join here


  • There is a maximum of 1 entry allowed per eligible player.

  • Players restricted from bonuses by Star Sports can’t participate in this competition.

Did you know?

You must be an account holder with Star Sports to play. Join here.

Alex Crook's Score Predictor

  • Star Sports provide a video with Alex Crook delivering his weekly score predictions, so you can easily see if you’ve beaten Alex. The video can be watched here.

Don't forget

If you beat Alex, you will be awarded a £5 Free Bet.

StarSports New Account Offer

£10 Free Bet 

Star Sports Score Predictor Prizes

  • At the time of publication (26/09/23), the Score Predictor top prize is a £250 free bet.
  • A ‘Beat Alex’ free bet bonus of £5 per player are awarded if you beat Alex Crook’s weekly score.
  • There are no rollovers. 

How you get paid

  • Results will be published above the  competition entry form. Free bets are aimed to be credited within 48 hours from the results being announced.

  • All winners must be verified to satisfaction of Star Sports. Successful verification includes age, identity and address. See Star Sports Terms and Conditions to understand more.

Using your Free Bets


If you win a free bet, be sure to use it within the expiry date and are available for use online, tablet or mobile only. 


If you place a bet using your free bet and win the bet, the net winnings from the free bet will be credited to the eligible player’s account. The value of the free bet is not included in any winnings.


Free bets can’t be exchanged for cash.

Important things you should know

  • You must be aged 18 or over and resident in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands to play this game.

  • Registration and verification is required to play this game. You can join here. You must supply documentation to verify your age and identity.

  • Without verification, you won’t be able to enter or claim a prize.

  • You must register a Star Sports account in your own name. If the account is not in your own name, then you will be subject to disqualification from participation in Star Sports.

  • Multiple accounts or entries aren’t allowed. Only 1 entry per person. If multiple entries are made, then all will be made void.

  • The closing date for each weekly round is advertised below the competition entry form.

  • Once you have entered the promotion, you have agreed to the Star Sports Terms and Conditions

  • We would strongly advise checking them out, prior to entry, as usual Star Sports Betting rules apply.

Play Score Predictor

Star Sports Score Predictor is a free to play game from Star Sports. You can win a £250 free bet weekly, if you top the weekly scores

Handy hints for Score Predictor Success

  • Score Predictor is a game that requires the player to accurately predict the score of 10 EPL Football matches in a Game Round.
  • Points are awarded for picking a correct match result and a correct score. Bonus points are awarded for your nominated ‘best match’ The sum of these points versus those of all other entrants will determine the weekly highest score. 
  • In the event of a points tie, the player picking the match with the fastest goal time will be the winner. If there is still a tie, then a random prize draw will take place to determine the weekly winner.

💡Make your own picks

  • You watch the teams and you have your own ideas. Click competition entry form to pick your own scores, best match and tiebreaker to enter Score Predictor.

💡Use Bookmaker Odds to Help you

  • There are betting markets that show betting prices for correct score and matches. The shorter the odds, the more likely they are (statistically) to happen.
  • Use Star Sports to show you the current betting odds, and comparison sites such as to show you which options are favoured for each match.

💡Use historical data to help you

  • For some players, this method can be a lot of fun. There’s nothing better than winning a prize based on your own hard work and opinion!
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Just before you go..

When making your Star Sports Score Predictor picks, remember to read the terms and conditions carefully on the site. It’s worth revisiting our “Important things you should know” section, BEFORE submitting your entry.